Hustler publisher Larry Flynt is being sued by the Isle of Capri Casinos, Inc. over his use of the term, “Lucky Lady Casino” on his recently opened Los Angeles casino.

The card room and casino is officially known as, “Larry Flynt’s Lucky Lady Casino,” but that distinction is not good enough for the Isle of Capri Casinos, which contends that it owns both the terms, “Lucky Lady,” and, “Lady Luck,” when they’re used on a casino name.

In bolstering their case, attorneys for Isle of Capri Casino point out that the company has been using the phrases on their businesses since since 1967 and on slot machines since 1988, according to a report from Reuters.

Attorneys also maintain that Flynt’s use of the phrases could be confusing to gamblers who think they’re really entering a wholesome casino, but are actually stepping into a casino that’s owned by America’s premiere pornographer – as they pointed out in legal filings saying:

The lewd and suggestive nature of defendants’ use of the mark and the perceived association with defendants’ strip clubs and publications will cause irreparable harm to Isle of Capri.

Flynt’s association with the casino started back in January when the property’s former owners had their gambling licenses revoked after being convicted of money laundering. At the time, the casino was known as the Normandie.

Despite the Normandie’s status as California’s oldest card room, and warnings against using the Lady Luck name, Flynt re-branded the casino with a new name and images of scantily-clad women. Flynt is also investing $60 million in the property and re-hiring the 400 employees who were let go when the previous owners lost their gaming licenses.

As yet, there’s no word on when the suit will be heard before a judge.

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