No one can deny the immense power of viral marketing—Old Spice Guy, anyone? The question is, though, how can you use viral marketing to your advantage as an affiliate?

Although viral marketing might sound bad to anyone feeling anxious about flu season, it’s actually a great tool that can boost your business. It’s a marketing strategy that relies on passing your message along through other people and ultimately creating brand awareness. Just like the old Faberge Shampoo commercial said, “And they tell two friends, and they tell two friends … and so on.”

In the old days, viral marketing  meant word of mouth. Today, it means harnessing the power of the Internet and its ability to share information easily and quickly through YouTube videos, emails and social networks

As a casino affiliate marketer, you can use viral marketing to your advantage by getting your visitors to spread the word for you.

What’s the best way to do that? We’ve got some do’s and don’ts for you here.

What are your thoughts about viral marketing? Do your visitors help bring traffic to your site? Let us know in the comments below!

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