Retargeting has truly taken over the advertising space ever since it was first introduced by Google as part of the AdWords platform. Marketers have quickly noticed the high CTRs and conversions that retargeting can bring when used creatively.

And just to give you an idea of how big retargeting is becoming, nowadays, you can even retarget on Facebook through tools like AdRoll. But that’s probably a talk for whole another post.

Today, it’s all about AdWords.

How Does Retargeting Work?

In its most basic form, retargeting works by allowing you to reach people who have previously visited your site. You can show them relevant ads across the whole Google’s network, which includes standard search engine ads as well as the Display Network.

How to Reach the Right People?

Since we want to target existing players here, what you should do is add one of Google’s remarketing tags to specific “thank you” pages on your site.

For instance, when someone takes you up on one of your affiliate offers, you can redirect them to a “thank you” page. Aside from saying a simple “thanks,” due to the remarketing tag, you’re also starting to track that visitor.

From that point forward, you can display relevant adds to that specific user – your existing customer – even if they don’t plan on returning to your site.

What to Offer?

A good practice is to offer something that is a “one step up” above your basic offer.

For instance, if you have an existing player interested in X, you can offer them some additional perks that would make their experience with X easier, or more enjoyable. You can test various guides and educational products for this.

How to Set This Up

Step #1 is getting a collection of cookies from people who visited your “thank you” page.

The path starts in the Shared Library section of your AdWords panel. You need to start by clicking the “View” link under “Audiences”:

From that point forward, Google will guide you through the whole process. What you’re aiming for here is creating a remarketing list based on the “visitors of a page.”

This remarketing list becomes a custom audience for your AdWords campaigns. What you must do to start remarketing is create a new ad group and simply add the list to it.

In the “Audiences” section in AdWords, select your new ad group and then in the “Remarketing lists” tab, select the list that you’d like to target.

Once you’re done with that and set the subsequent details, your campaign will be running.

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