If you're going to start a casino affiliate empire, you’re going to need a domain. If you’re new to the industry, its best to start with one domain, and as you gain confidence with what you are doing, you can expand out and run a couple of domains. There are affiliates out there, who maintain and run 100’s of domains. Start with one, it’s easier.


By now you should have chosen your casino niche, or what you want your casino to be about.  When choosing the domain name itself, try to incorporate the niche into it. If you chose slots, you might want to register something like


SlotsOnFire.com, or GamesAndCasino.com


Tip : I would suggest that you register domains that end with .com. The .net’s and .org’s are nice, but the .com’s are much better! And if you can avoid having hyphens’ in the domain name, even better still.


If you are worried about people knowing that you own the website (it is possible to view the ownership details, the details displayed are the contact details you entered when you registered the domain), there are domain registrars out there who will hide the details for you, it does cost a little bit extra – but well worth it. The only way to get the ownership details, through legal channels.


The more popular domain registrars which allow you to register a domain and to add the privacy option are :






Use one of the domain registrars listed above, or if you have a preferred one, use that. Search to see if your domain is available, by entering your domain into the domain search. If you are finding that all the domain names you are entering are taken, try adding a hyphen between words, or think of words related to your casino website topic.


Once you have found your domain, click through, select your privacy option, and make the payment… and wah-la! You’ve just registered your domain.


The next thing to do is find suitable hosting for your domain.

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