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4. Get to know your player base. While you’re trying to determine what the highest reasonable offer you can ask for is, take some time to consider how your readers and player base compare to those of other affiliate sites. If you have worries about your players converting with regularity, determine what payout level is the highest you can get where the casino or poker room won’t be obsessing over your numbers demanding immediate performance. Sometimes flowing below the radar is best while you’re still building up and educating a player base.

5. Factor in how well players convert to that particular iGaming outfit. Depending on the geographic location of your players and a few other factors, certain casinos will result in a higher rate of conversions than others. For instance, players in Spain might be more likely to convert to bwin over any other random room since they’re comfortable with bwin due to seeing their logo on the shirts of the Real Madrid soccer team. Other rooms will convert simply for having a better reputation, a great bonus, or an easier sign-up process.

It’s better to work with a group that converts well even if the CPA or revenue share deal is a little lower. But at the same time, don’t let the place’s reputation bully you into accepting a lower offer. Because they convert so well, they can probably offer higher rates as well.

6. Remember what industry you’re in. The CPA or revenue share argument is a classic debate in the affiliate world. In terms of which is better, it always depends on how high the CPA is and how high the revenue share is. One factor many affiliates overlook is the likelihood of a casino or poker room being bought out and merged. Rev share affiliates always get screwed in these circumstances. If the place is a large stand-alone group, then revenue share (provided they don’t have any sharky terms to deny it) can become more attractive. However, in the case of some skin on a large network, CPA is a safer and less-volatile option.

Do you have any tips regarding how to negotiate the best affiliate deals? Feel free to share what has or hasn’t worked for you in the past in our comments section below.

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