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Successfully negotiating commission deals with affiliates can be a big part of your bottom line. It’s an important step in running an affiliate business that deserves just as much time and consideration as anything else.

Here are some thoughts and tips to help get started on the process of negotiating the best commission deals with your affiliate managers:

1. Remember their needs. Bear in mind that the deal must be beneficial to the online casino or poker room. If they feel like they’re getting screwed, they’ll just cancel the deal. Affiliates for Expekt recently learned this when the site closed certain affiliate accounts allegedly due to players that were beating the casino.

2. Know when you have power. If you’ve been kicking butt and sending players left and right, affiliate managers will generally be more willing to negotiate with you. This is also true of when you run a well-respected portal that generates a lot of traffic. However, if your site is new or if you’ve shown no history of performance, you’ll be unlikely to leverage your way to a substantially better affiliate deal. Prove yourself first, then negotiate.

3. Ask for the highest reasonable offer. Asking for a $2,000 CPA will just make you look stupid. Do some research to determine what the typical CPAs are for your niche and casino program. Start the negotiation at the highest reasonable point. You never know, they might just say yes to your proposal.

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