Producing new content regularly is only one half of the content marketing puzzle. In fact, if you want to make content a true marketing tool and drive new leads through it, you will have to do a lot more.

Mainly, you will have to focus on making your content sharable and promoting it directly to the right audience.

Picking the Right Platform

Twitter isn’t the be-all end-all of social media. In some cases – actually in a lot of cases – you will find more success elsewhere. However, you must start with some research work.

For example, eMarketer reported that the preferred social media platform for B2C marketers in 2014 is Facebook (68 percent of marketers), followed by Twitter (10 percent), and blogging and LinkedIn (both at 6 percent).

But, this is just one example. The right thing to do is to always do your own research first.

Start by looking into each of your social media posts individually and check which platform gives you the most user interaction.

Going Through Your Current Content

Now is a good time to go back to your previous posts (on your site) and see which ones have received the most user engagement on social media.

You can do so through a plugin like Social Metrics.

It will give you a detailed summary showcasing all of your recent posts and their numbers.

You can use this knowledge to start creating more of the type of content that gets shared, and less of the type of content that gets no interaction.

Making Your Content Sharable

The next step to making your content sharable is optimizing it to fit the platform where you want to distribute it.

Posting everything automatically on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest – using the same text and images – won’t be of much use, and it surely won’t bring you the best results possible.

You need to experiment.

For instance, tweets containing images tend to do quite well. However, if you try doing the same thing on Facebook, your results may vary. Facebook is quite effective when it comes to optimizing the News Feed and making sure that no link-bait content gets too much exposure.

So again, you need to experiment. Experiment with different types of updates (text vs. images vs. links), different timing, and different posting frequency.

When you combine the methods described above – picking your top platform, finding out what type of content works best, and optimizing your social media updates – you will be able to make your content more sharable. And in the end, you’ll get better social media results for your affiliate business.

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