There is a lot of debate about quantity vs. quality when it comes to producing content for your website. And the big challenge has always been to find the right contributors who would be able to produce good content on a regular basis. Here’s what affiliates can do in 2015 to boost their content creation efforts.

1. Hire a Content Writer

There are many ways in which we can reach out to potential contributors and invite them to create content for our sites, but let’s discuss the most obvious approach first. That is, of course, hiring someone to do it (a freelancer).

We’re listing it first because it’s the only fail-proof method out there. The fact simply is that if you’re willing to spend good dollar, you will find quality people to work for you every single time.

You can start on sites like oDesk or PeoplePerHour. Make sure to write a good description of the kind of content you need and how you expect it to be delivered. The more details you share, the better the chance you will find a skilled professional, who you’ll be able to work with long term.

2. Interview Someone

People generally like interviews because they present a unique angle on specific challenges in the niche. For example, if you manage to get a well-known figure in the online gaming space to share some of their journey and secrets, people are likely to pay attention.

The best part about interviews is that you don’t need any particular writing skills to produce a quality interview. The key is coming up with good questions and selecting your guest right.

Also, you can do a series of interviews by finding a number of people and then asking them the same set of questions. This should reduce the amount of time it takes you to release each individual interview.

3. Partner Outreach

Your partners can be a great source of good content on a guest post basis. The idea here is to reach out to your peers and invite them to guest post on your site in exchange for some exposure for their brands and websites.

However, before you do this, set specific guidelines in place so everything is clear right from the get-go and so you don’t get overly promotional posts.

4. Twitter Outreach

Similar to the previous method, but this time you’re doing outreach on Twitter.

What’s different here is that instead of reaching out to your partners, you start by going to Google, looking for relevant articles that you like, checking who wrote them, and then reaching to those people via Twitter and inviting them to guest post on your site.

5. “Write For Us” Page

If your site is fairly popular in the niche, there’s a good chance that some of your visitors will like to contribute as well. If you have a clearly visible “Write For Us” page on the site, those people will get a clear indication that you indeed are looking for writers and that they can feel confident about reaching out to you.

Just place your guidelines on that page, along with an embedded contact form.

There’s a lot more things you can do to handle content creation in 2015, but we believe that these five methods will be enough to kickstart your efforts and put you on the right track.

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