How do you drive traffic to mobile apps?

This is the million dollar question. Mobile apps are quickly becoming a leading source of income for affiliates with more and more users downloading “apps” daily. The financial markets seem amazed at how fast “apps” are becoming useful tools. There are two popular application markets which are divided between android users and apple users. These markets or stores are known as the AppStore and Google Play. There are millions of “apps” being downloaded each day. A leading computer blog recently stated that very little money has been earned by “app” developers as they have yet to figure out how to monetize this market but once it is accomplished the profits soar.

Most app developers are more concerned with download figures and building traffic before earning money.  If you are thinking about creating your own application to drive traffic, you need to understand the logistics as well as your ROI. Driving traffic and turning that traffic into profits is much different than with websites, emails and other types of software and advertising. But those that have done it well are seeing registrations and profits soar. It is very reminiscent of the early days of online shopping with homemade shopping carts and static websites. Today if you do not have a dynamic intelligent website customers do not return.

The most important question that you need to answer is where and when your traffic will be the highest. Mobile surfing peaks between the hours of 0800 to 1900 on weekdays that is unless you are attracting kids and teens. If you understand your clients and your traffic you can use your “app” efficiently and profitably. Segmentation and definition is very important when pushing your “app” to users. The best way to drive traffic is to start using App Store Optimization (ASO). The flow of traffic via the App Stores is almost instant as there are millions of users searching these stores for new and exciting app’s to download.

Many affiliates think that it is quite sufficient to drive mobile users to their websites on their devices, but this is not a successful route. Most websites do not function or adjust properly on many mobile devices and today most users are more advanced and they demand to see something usable and new on their screens to keep them attracted. There are a lot of App directories that can also drive traffic and it is amazing at the volume of traffic that is forwarded by these small directories. As an affiliate there are many easy ways to drive the mobile users to your “app”, the magic is getting them to register so that you can monetize the traffic.

There are many ways to covert these downloads into registrations and usable commercial data. Joining with a knowledgeable affiliate partner who can help guide you through this is a step in the right direction.

Option Rally has a developed a successful and easy to adapt system to help affiliates develop mobile apps that register and covert. If you are interested in adding mobile traffic to your business get in touch with for some friendly guidance.

Sydney Ifergan

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Sydney Ifergan has been part of the casino and binary option affiliate game for close to 10 years, operating his own network of affiliate websites reaching out to hundreds of thousands of clients and traders per year. Sydney also is a leading consultant in the industry, helping build brands and traffic. He has launched numerous projects and developed specialized funnels and processes to increase traffic and conversion numbers. Sydney in his spare time, plays with electronic and computer devices which he eventually fits into his websites or uses to enhance traffic. Sydney offers lectures, classes and support information for affiliates to develop and grow their business. Sydney is a true leader in the affiliate game.

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