A few weeks ago, a short infographic was published on how Facebook ads helped a wine e-commerce site grow their email list, reduce their CPA and grow the overall market share.

The reason we’re mentioning this here is to prove that Facebook ads can be worthwhile for any type of business, provided that a good plan and advertising strategy is put into place.

The case study¬† doesn’t actually share much detail about the specific things they did. It’s more of a plug for their services, but it does reveal some general building blocks of a good Facebook strategy.

Test Hundreds of Audiences and Creative Combinations

The idea behind this is that you never know what’s going to work eventually. Some audiences and creatives can give you poor CTRs, while others can make up for them many times over.

This is only something you’re going to find out with a lot of, and we do mean a lot of testing.

Create Custom Audiences

Facebook allows you to import a list of emails or user IDs and then include them in your campaign. This is a great way to create audiences that can’t be put together through the native Facebook ads interface.

Unlock New Audiences With the Lookalike Feature

Once you have a custom audience created, you can tell Facebook to generate a completely new audience that looks alike the one you currently have (based on some common traits, activity, and characteristics).

Test New Audiences With Highest-Performing Creative

This is a really simple trick to have up your sleeve, but it can make all the difference. Once you have your top creative, it makes a great starting point to test every new audience.

Identify Fatigued Audiences

Over time, every audience will become fatigued. When Facebook starts reporting to you that people in your target group have seen your ad 8+ times, it’s a good moment to change things up a bit.

Reinvigorate Audiences With New Creatives

So once an audience becomes fatigued, introduce new creatives and try getting some more clicks out of them.

After a while, the audience can turn out to be too fatigued with your message altogether, but until that happens, using new creatives is THE way to keep them active.

Even though those insights come from a strategy meant for a wine store, they are more than applicable to other verticals and lines of business – affiliate projects included.

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