Winning a lottery requires a lot of luck but creating more conversions in the online lottery niche is more about smart strategies and hard work. It requires an understanding of promotional marketing, lottery demographics, and the top online lottery providers.

Get to the Point

To create successful online lottery marketing campaigns, think carefully about the traffic to your lottery materials. What characterizes players interested in online lotteries? They are…

  • looking for some quick entertainment
  • attracted to a big windfall payday
  • cautious about online financial transactions
  • reserving serious attention span for elsewhere

Online lotteries are appealing because they are an easy and fast way to potentially encounter a big pile of money. Lottery players harbor a shorter attention span for your information than players from any other niche of iGaming. A poker player will spend hours reading strategy material, bingo players appreciate the methodical drawing of numbers, but lottery players just want to buy a quick ticket from a trustworthy site and be done with it.

Marketing to online lottery players is therefore about not wasting any time. Stick to promotional campaigns that grab attention quickly and are easy to understand. Short-form marketing like “Best Jackpot of the Day” is more effective in the lottery niche than approaches requiring a higher attention span aimed at cultivating serious, dedicated players.

Keep your promotional materials lean and to the point. Working with a lottery operator to create a free ticket promotion is a great example of a simple and effective promotion to grab your reader’s attention. A reputable and safe-looking site is also effective for success in lottery marketing.

Lottery Lovers

It’s important to understand as much about lottery players as you can in order to create effective materials that will lead to conversions. For example, you wouldn’t want to use sexually-charged promotional materials in a campaign aimed at an older, conservative crowd.

Lottery demographics include a pretty wide range of folks. It may be the most gender-neutral form of iGaming in terms of its appeal. A few other things worth nothing about the online lottery demographic:

  • majority are 35 and older
  • income levels vary substantially
  • most are employed full-time or retired
  • fewer unemployed players than size of total unemployed population
  • majority are home-owners
  • majority without children living in household
  • high percentage of married players compared to total population

This information paints a picture of a typical lottery player as a bored, empty-nester looking for a little cheap excitement to shake up a life that otherwise contains stability in both relationships and income situation.

Lottery players also typically reside in English-speaking countries. The United States contains the largest lottery playing market where there is virtually no stigma against buying the occasional lottery ticket.

Other English-speaking markets like the U.K., Canada and Australia are appealing due to their smaller restrictions against resident participation in iGaming.

Online Lottery Providers

Here are five online lottery providers worth knowing:

1. Affiliates can receive a 25% revenue share deal for promoting MegaScratch, a top online lottery scratch-off ticket provider.

2. Pafpartners. Paf is home to one of the largest private online casino lottery jackpots. The current top prize in their Super Jackpot Lotto is €280,000.

3. Score Affiliates. Promote the popular UK-brand Ladbrokes who offer a number of daily lotteries with guaranteed prizes up to £250,000.

4. MyLotto. Players at MyLotto’s lottery messenger site TheLotter can buy tickets to a number of live drawings from around the world.

5. LottoElite. Two other popular lottery messenger services, CongaLotto and WinTrillions, can be promoted through the affiliate platform offered at LottoElite.

What knowledge has helped you create more lottery conversions? Please share with the readers of our forums.

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