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A recent Forbes article on the 7 Habits of Self Made Millionaires by entrepreneur Grant Cardone provided some food for thought for the affiliate marketing world and sparked some interesting discussion on the CAP forums. If you haven’t had a chance to look it over yet, here are some of the takeaway lessons for affiliates from Cardone’s words of wisdom.

Surround Yourself with Millionaires

There’s no shortage of successful affiliates on the CAP forums who are more than happy to share their hard earned wisdom with anyone who is willing to listen. Longtime CAP forum member Fonzi went one step further advising affiliates to, “…drop your friends who bring you down. When I first started in online marketing almost everyone around me laughed. Even my wife was skeptical at first.  Think Big and you’ll be Big.”

Our forum moderator JillO chimed in on this rule, too, “In order to grow and achieve in whatever it is you want to do/be  (whether it’s a millionaire, an iGaming affiliate, a  business owner,  etc.) you have to connect with people who have experience and have
achieved those things.  And bottom line, learn from them.  Understand  all the things they did right, and more importantly, did wrong.”

Decide to Be a Multi-Millionaire

Most affiliates are on the right track in this department so long as they’re committed to the hard work that comes while travelling the road to riches. But, generally, entrepreneurs have this one down cold.

Get Rid of Poverty Thinking

Cardone doesn’t knock poor people, just the mindset that keeps people who could be successful from actually being successful. Thoughts like, “That’s just the way things are,” are not in the millionaire mindset.

Create Multiple Flows of Income

This is another one that affiliates should really pay attention to. When the DOJ can shut down your income stream overnight, having a backup plan like FOREX or Binary Options sites is a pretty good idea.

 Do you think these secrets are applicable to gaming affiliates? Maybe you’ve got millionaire secrets of your own? Join in the discussion on our Secrets of Millionaires forum thread.

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