How many different reports to you view a day? How much data are you presented with? How often do you view Google Analytics and take down notes on you or your team’s next task to improve a bounce rate or increase average time on site? What if there is a tool out there which could help you tell your story in an instance? I recently came across a brilliant free tool for webmasters, or simply anyone who’s directly involved in the performance of their company’s website(s).

This 100% FREE tool connects to your Google Analytics (“GA”) Account, analyzes your data and then tells you a story summarizing the highlights of your website’s traffic along with some tips of what you should do with this information to improve your conversions or increase your traffic. Basically Qunb, an award winning data visualization startup, provides its account holders with a free data visualization service, by taking comprehensive data or business intelligence and transforming it into a story.

The Qunb Account is super easy to get hold of, just visit their website, sign up an account (you can also do this through your Facebook Account or LinkedIn Account), enter your Google Analytics account details, select the time period you want to view the stats for (Last 28 days, Last month, 1 week) and get ready to view your story. Please note it may take a few seconds the first time but it does work!

What information does it give you?

Let’s say you opted to view data of the past 28 days. So the first slide starts off with the number of visitors which visited your site in the past 28 days and provides you with the increase or decrease in visitors compared to the previous 28 days.

The story goes on and you can see when the traffic peaked during the selected time period, which page accounts for most visits, which source is referring most traffic to your site, where the majority of your visitors come from and so on. Data extracted from you GA account is summarized into 12 slides containing simple highlights and tips to go with them (you have the option to hide tips).

Here are three ways webmasters, online marketers and others interested in the website’s performance can benefit from this free tool:

  • View your website’s data story on a weekly basis to find out what’s working, what can be improved
  • View your website’s data story on a weekly basis to find out whether any changes you or your team did have made a difference
  • The data story can easily be shared with others who do not have access to your company’s GA so you may share your story with for example, management, advertisers, potential investors, staff who are not directly involved in the company’s web performance, etc. Rather than sending out a long email or an attachment with screen shots of visitors on site, bounce rate, average time on site, popular sources etc, simply send out a link.

This tool certainly does not mean that you should ignore the rest of the GA data, afterall, data is there to analyse and you may be interested in other information which is not featured within these 12 slides (yet), for example the percentage of New vs Returning visitors (coming soon). The tool simply facilitates the process of preparing a presentation or in general to keep abreast of your company’s website highlights.

At the moment qunb works using data from Google Analytics and Sales Force, however in 2014 they plan to roll out Qunb for Excel and other databases (awesome!).

If you do get to try it out, I hope you find it useful, if not feel free to write to them and see what’s next in the pipeline or give them suggestions.

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