“Over here in Costa Rica! Working during the day and then dinner with family and friends! Same as every year!”

- Gabriel, Live Casino Partners

“We do not celebrate Thanksgiving here in Israel, but we are definitely happy to share the holiday spirit with you Americans! I mean, who can say no to a dinner which ends with you being stuffed MORE than the turkey… In any case – Gobble Gobble to all!”

- Shahar Attias, Hybrid Interaction

“I will be unplugging from the Internet and enjoying some quality time with my family.  I’m sure overeating and watching NFL Football will also be on the agenda for the day.”

- Jeremy Enke, PokerAffiliateListings.com

“I will not be working at all.

1) Eating a lot of turkey.
2) Hanging out with family.
3) Watching FOOTBALL!”

- rknuppel

“I will call those people who deserve my thanks… !!!”

- allena

 How do you plan on spending Thanksgiving? Are you international and working through, or an American taking the day off? Let us know!

“Happy Thanksgiving! Even if you don’t celebrate it, you could still use it as an excuse to eat turkey!”

 - Dominique

… and some menu suggestions

“Happy Turkeyday all! Thanks to all that help one another! 

Finger sandwiches
Green Bean Cassarole
Mashed taters
Mac n cheese
Watergate Salad
Deviled Eggs
Apple Pie
Pumpkin Pie (My job all made )
Pumpkin Roll
And…. a very nice LaCrema Pinot Nior!! Yummie!

OMG, I am stuffed already!”

- Chips

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