Fiverr is one of those business projects that you never envisioned to happen, but they did and turned out to be very useful and successful. Two Israeli entrepreneurs designed Fiverr to be marketplace in which anyone can find all sorts of services for just $5 (whoa! Stop your mind from going there… it’s not THAT kind of services!).

The services offered at Fiverr range from extremely bizarre to absolutely professional. If you skim through the website you will find people offering to write love letters in multiple languages, to sing happy birthday to your loved ones in Tony Montana’s voice, to dance to your favorite song in a hot dog costume, to review the grammar and spelling on your website, and many more. All of those services cost only $5.

Fair enough, there’s a lot of dumb stuff on this site so you are wondering why you are wasting your time reading about it. Surprisingly, and fortunately, there is a lot more to be found at Fiverr that can actually make a gaming affiliate’s life a lot simpler for very little money.

Buying at Fiverr

Affiliates often need small tasks performed that are not worth hiring a contractor. This is exactly what the creators of Fiverr were thinking of when they created the site. At Fiverr there are no complicated transactions, no additional fees, and no hard feelings when you let go of your helper; the idea is to have the simplest business transaction any businessman could dream of. Affiliates can find content writers, proof-readers, graphic designers, webmasters, and translators for just $5.

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If you need that new promotional campaign translated to Chinese because you decided to enter the Asian gaming market, just go to Fiverr and type “English-Chinese translation” on the search bar and you might find exactly what you are looking for. Also, you might even find offers of people who can create new ideas for promotions and forum topics for your site; even if you don’t find these specific offers you can request any specific service you need and have someone who can do it answer your call.

For more information on how to use Fiverr and its benefits, watch the following short video:

Fiverr has added great features to the various categories of services, a very useful one is called “express”, which are services performed in 24 hours or less for those who are in a hurry to get something done. Another feature is that sellers now have the chance to add some extra features for an extra cost for services that need extra elaboration, and this is also something affiliates can take advantage of (for example, getting someone to proof-read your content and then also having them edit it for you, getting someone to sing happy birthday to your grandma in Britney Spears’ voice and also have them wear the “Hit Me Baby One More Time” outfit, or something along those lines).

Selling at Fiverr

$5 may sound like a very small prize for your skilled affiliate services. The creators of Fiverr determined that in order to create the simplest business transaction possible, $5 seemed like the best prize to offer and it seems to work for a lot of people. Even if this prize seems absolutely small, it never hurts to make some extra money on the side, especially during the current tough economic climate.

Affiliates can offer to give the odds of a poker hand for $5, or give tips on the best casino game they have ran into. If you are one of those with crazy spirits, you can even offer to deal a Blackjack hand wearing nothing but the Ace of Spades (not the Ace of Hearts because that belongs solely to Mr. Pratt).

All in all, Fiverr is a great place to find small, efficient services at a very low price anytime. We recommend that you check it out and see of you can find/offer something interesting there.

Have you bought/sold services at Fiverr? Here at CAP we’d love to hear about your experiences with this website and whether or not you’ve gone wild there yet. Please share!

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