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CHAPTER 5: The Importance of Customer Service

Casino affiliates should take great care to establish themselves as legitimate, credible businesses that rise above Internet trickery. The more credible you appear, and actually are, the better off you’ll be.

To combat the perception of widespread fraud in the online gambling industry, a number of watchdog and consumer advocacy sites have emerged to fill the regulatory gap and protect the interests of affiliates and players.

Sites like AffiliateGuardDog and Casino Affiliate Programs (CAP) not only play the role of mediator and advocate in disputes between casinos and their customers, they also certify credible casinos and affiliate programs. A company that’s earned the CAP Trusted Affiliate Portal badge must meet certain criteria, including a pledge not to Spam; to only use white hat SEO techniques; uphold copyright laws; amongst other conditions. Displaying this type of certification on your site goes a long way towards letting your customers know you’re on the up and up.

What’s Next? CHAPTER 6: Track, Refine, Track, Repeat

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