A wearable augmented reality device with a built-in heads up display sounds like something right out of a science fiction movie, but that’s exactly what the new Google Project Glass is all about.

Glass puts everything you love about a hands free smart phone right in front of your face in the form of a handsome set of glasses.

While it may sound far fetched today, it wasn’t so long ago that smart phones would have fallen into that same category. That’s exactly why the eggheads at Google’s X Lab where futuristic devices like the driverless car are turned from dream to reality.

So What is it Really?

So what exactly does Google Glass do? The short answer is that it’s a pair of glasses that let’s you see the useful information in a real-time, hands-free fashion. It also includes a built in camera and microphone for easy multimedia shoots.

In many ways it’s like a wearable version of Apple’s SIRI.

Here’s how it might work. A Glass wearer could be walking down the street and suddenly see a pop up reminder telling them to head to the dentist, or a weather alert warning them of an oncoming tornado. The entire device is designed to be operated in a, mostly, hands free fashion with the aid of a touchpad on the side of the glasses.

Science fiction fans are already familiar with Glass.

When Does Glass Hit the Market?

If you’re interested in owning your own pair of Glass glasses, you’ll need to visualize a heads up display of patience. While Google has working prototypes, a developers isn’t expected until some time in 2013. There’s no word on when the public will actually be able to own them.

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What it Means for Affiliates

Affiliate partners don’t need to worry much about adding Glass to their marketing plans anytime soon, but Glass does underscore the growing importance of mobile apps. Most of the big online sports books are offering some form of mobile betting and smart phone use is growing exponentially every year.

Anyone who wants to stay ahead of the technology curve should be thinking of ways to integrate mobile apps into your big picture. If nothing else, affiliates should be certain that their sites are optimized for mobile browsers.

The age of mobile domination is here and the Glass prototype is just one more indication of that phenomenon.



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