After a decades-long battle with the online casino industry, Google has decided to allow advertisements for online gambling in some parts of the United States. The move acknowledges the reality of American online gambling and represents a real victory for the industry, but is still a long ways from providing total access to its suite of services for the US-facing industry and contains a few conditions.

Google, the international online search giant, announced the new policy earlier this week. The new policy does not, however, allow just any online casino to advertise in just any US State. Under the terms of Google’s new policy, online casinos are only allowed to advertise in states that have adopted interstate gambling compacts. As of this writing that would only include Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Nevada. (Our colleagues at point out that Nevada does not allow online casino games, only online poker and sports betting.)

Under the terms of the new policy, operators now have access to Google Ads, Google Display Network, YouTube and AdMob. Google’s vaunted Ad Manager, for unknown reasons, remains forbidden to online gambling operators.

Google has not announced an official launch date for the new policies to go into effect, but it’s generally assumed that it will start some time in early 2020. The online casino decision follows Google’s turnaround on sports betting advertisements, which are now allowed in US States that have legalized online gambling.

For decades, Google’s robust US-facing advertising platforms were strictly off-limits to online gambling operators of all kinds and their subsidiaries, including casino affiliates.

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