Google is giving themselves a pat on the back claiming in their 2011 economic impact report that they were responsible for driving $80 billion in economic activity in the U.S.

The search engine giant created a state-by-state map to demonstrating their impact on local businesses. Google estimates to have been the driving force behind $20 billion of economic activity in California alone, enough to buy every resident of that state a surf board according to their map.

To reach their $80 billion estimate, Google determined that business that use AdWords earn $2 in revenue for every $1 they spent on advertising. They also estimated that businesses receive five organic search engine result clicks for every advertising click. That’s a total of $11 in revenue for businesses for each $1 spent on Google AdWords campaigns.

Affiliate Impact

Google’s creative estimates on their economic impact might be biased towards casting their company in a favorable light, but there’s no denying they generate a ton of revenue for businesses of all types including iGaming affiliates.

Affiliate businesses can reach fortune or failure on the back of how Google chooses to index iGaming information websites. Avoiding Google penalties is a point of chief concern for any iGaming affiliate.

Increasing Google page-rankings by implementing smart SEO practices is another crucially important aspect to running an affiliate business. Ranking highly for key search words is even more important for iGaming affiliates since gaming sites typically are not accepted into AdWords campaigns.

Forging the Future

As affiliates prepare for legal gaming in the U.S., Google’s economic impact on iGaming will only become even more pronounced. Legal concerns have historically prevented Google from accepting AdWords purchases from gaming affiliates. That’s been a blessing or a curse to affiliates. Those who rank highly for coveted search terms love not having competition from AdWords buyers while affiliates with poorer search engine rankings would love be able to buy their way to the top of the page.

All signs point to Google’s impact on the economy continuing to increase into the future. Recent changes implemented by the company such as their knowledge graphs in search results have contributed to even more people using Google to find the information they’re looking for.

Like it or not, affiliates are joined at the hip with Google as are many other businesses in the U.S. economy.

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