google driveMove over Dropbox, you have some competition. Google Drive was launched on Tuesday as a free online storage service that is sure to turn heads and attract hoards of new customers.

But not so fast. Google Drive is not open to the general public just yet. That being said, the search engine giant has made it available to a few journalists who were willing to test the cloud storage service.

When the time comes, if you want to get involved with Google Drive you are going to be asked to install software on your computer – there is no way around this. Once you have the appropriate software, it will act as a drive which in turn synchs itself with a remote server. Sound complicated? Don’t worry, in true Google fashion they have made the service as simple as possible.

Goodbye Google Docs

The service itself is already being touted as a huge upgrade. However, when finally released to the public it may confuse quite a few people as it is going to replace Google Docs.

Of course, the same functionality is available within Google Drive. It may just take some time for users to become familiar with the new system.

Will Google Drive succeed? Or will it be another Google failure?

Should I make the Switch from Dropbox?

When it comes to synch and store services, there is nobody better than Dropbox. While it appears that Google drive will be more difficult to use, especially due to the setup process, it is safe to say that it is still going to pose a severe threat to the Dropbox filing sharing service.

If you have more questions, CNET has released a list of FAQs and comprehensive answers.

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