As some Google-savvy affiliates may know, Google AdSense is now allowing some gambling ads to appear on its network of sites. The move was introduced last month with little fanfare allows some gambling ads, but stops far short of lifting the prohibition completely.

AdSense Gambling Ad Restrictions

The new policy allows gambling advertising to appear only on sites that “opt-in” for that type of content, so it’s unlikely that an online casino ad would appear on a mainstream newspaper site that uses AdSense.

Other restrictions include:

  • Ads will only appear in countries where gambling is legal.
  • No gambling ads will appear on websites aimed at minors.
  • Gambling campaigns must be approved in advance and its recommended that site operators set up a separate account for gaming ads.
  • Site operators and affiliates must submit individual applications for each country they intend to target.
  • In certain countries, such as the UK, advertisers must be part of licensed gaming operations. That’s good news for large gaming companies like 888.

What It Means For Affiliates

For American affiliates, the move may not mean much. In their FAQ, Google singles out the industry in no uncertain terms stating, “Google also doesn’t allow pages obviously driving traffic to online gambling sites such as through excessive third-party ads. (Country specific restrictions apply.)”

But marketers who can navigate Google’s very specific country-by-country restrictions this new policy could open a host of new markets and players.

Google and the gaming industry have long had a shaky relationship. Back in 2007, several big name search engine companies were fined by the US Department of Justice for running illegal gambling ads. Since then, advertisers have done an end run around the system by using misspelling such as, “gmabling.”

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