Golf wagering is proving to be an unexpected big hit for DraftKings, the American sportsbook that seems dead set on dominating the emerging regulated US sports betting market. But with no other options for wagering, maybe golf’s sudden success speaks more to being the only game in town than a part of a regular wagering routine.

Word of DraftKing’s unexpected golf success came via an email that was published on recently. The email from DraftKings’ Director of Communications Stephen Miraglia explained the company’s reaction to a quite unexpected surge in golf wagering during the recent Charles Schwab Challenge.

“The Charles Schwab Challenge became our most bet golf tournament ever today before round one had been completed. Live money since first tee time this morning is already at 30% of pre-match wagering totals. To put that number in perspective, the last true golf tournament was the Arnold Palmer Invitation – this tournament has already done more in live wagering after one day than the Arnold Palmer did over four days,” he said.

DraftKings officials also noted that golf was proving to be a good fit for in-play wagering because of its slow pace. In that regard, it’s becoming a useful instrument in introducing newly legal American players to the intricacies of live betting.

Of course one obvious reason for the recent golf surge is the fact that it was, quite literally, the only game in town during the COVID-19 quarantine. Regardless, players who get used to wagering on golf at DraftKings during quarantine are players who are building invaluable brand loyalty that will serve the company well in future times.


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