In the first part of this article, we covered the concept of keyword research and why it matters to your casino affiliate marketing business. In this lesson, we’re going to continue by discussing the concept of a long tail keyword and how that can help your business.

Wag the long tail
Web users will often use a long keyword query or search in order to find what they’re looking for. This means that instead of typing two or three keywords, they’ll actually type a four- to eight-keyword phrase into the search box.

For instance, instead of searching for “Window Washing,” they might search “how do I wash my windows without steaks.” Or if they’re looking for a media player, they might search for “iPod touch 4th generation 32 GB.”

This is called a “long-tail” keyword, or search query.

The same kind of search logic is often seen in casino affiliate marketing. Instead of searching for “online casino,” which has a tremendous search volume with more than 1.2 million searches each month, someone looking to gamble online might search for “play online casino games” or “best online casino games.”

Casino Keywords 2

While neither of these long-tail keywords gets the kind of search volume of the shorter “online casino,” they do receive a respectable amount of searches at 9,900 and 1,660 each month, according to Google’s Keyword Research Tool.

In fact, it’s very common for long-tail keywords tend to have a smaller volume of searchers — in other words, less overall traffic. But the upside of working on a keyword with less overall traffic is that there is less overall competition and an easier path to the coveted first page of Google’s search results.

And with many long tail keywords, they may have enough traffic to target for a specialty or niche topic, or they may be an inroad toward competing for a term such as “online casino.”

Why are long tail keywords great?
While not all short keywords are bad, you might find yourself frustrated with them. For instance, if you optimize for “casino,” your website might end up with much broader traffic than you want (i.e.: people looking for physical, not online, casinos) Do people who type the word “casino” into Google want to gamble online? Or are they looking for entertainment at a Vegas casino? It’s hard to tell.

With the right research, you can get traffic and make money much faster by using long-tail keywords.

Keyword Tools We Recommend
If you want to target long-tail keywords, it helps to have the right tools to find money long-tail keywords. Here are some keyword tools we regularly use as we’re setting up sites and managing their content.

Wordtracker — Wordtracker’s free keyword tool can help you find the best money keywords for your business.

SEOpressor — This is an extremely effective WordPress plugin that makes managing on-page SEO a breeze.

Scribe — This website plugin is a great all in one SEO tool for content marketers.

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