When you’re starting your new casino affiliate marketing website, keyword research needs to be the first thing on your to-do list. Without proper keyword research, you’re not going to succeed. Success in Internet marketing simply doesn’t happen by accident.

Why does keyword research matter?
It’s important to recognize that good Search Engine Optimization (SEO) requires careful planning to understand the marketplace and what consumers want. And your keyword research is the part of your planning that shows you what people are searching for. Without knowing what people are searching for, you can’t possibly expect to bring traffic and paying gamblers to your site. You might build a great site, but it’s very possible that no one will come.

Don’t some websites just all of a sudden “click”?
Yes, it’s true an affiliate site can go from zero to 60 quickly. One day, you’ll be struggling for clicks and the next day you’ll find a slew of commissions in your bank account. That speed tends to be associated with the timing of landing on page one for your target keywords. However,  you’ve got to know what keywords potential gamblers are searching for before you create your site, and your content.

Here’s a sweet example
Think of it this way: if you’ve ever been to the Midwest, you know that they call soft drinks “pop.” If you’re ordering a “soda” in a Cleveland restaurant, you might just get corrected. But on the Internet, there aren’t people there to correct you. If your website is all about “orange pop,” which receives 60,000 searches each month, you’d better make sure you’re not calling it “orange soda,” which only receives 27,000 searches each month.

While both terms are correct, you want to make sure to use the exact vocabulary in your niche, so that you can find low-competition money keywords. If you end up targeting “soda” instead of “pop,” you could end up missing more than 30,000 potential searches for your keyword each month.

How this works for casino marketers
Now here’s an example that’s relevant to casino affiliate marketers:

Keyword Image 1

When you’re setting up a site to potentially include the keyword “online casino games” you’re looking at a potential windfall — 110,000 global searches each month, and low competition. Imagine your disappointment if you mistakenly targeted “online gambling games,” which only receives 3,600 searches each month. You would potentially miss out on more than 106,000 searches each month. Even if you make it to page one for “online gambling games,” it’s likely you’d be disappointed in your traffic and commissions.

Finding the right keywords, with a high number of searches and relatively low competition, as we’ve demonstrated here, is vitally important for your affiliate marketing business.

Affiliate marketing is dynamic and ever-changing, but the one thing that’s always true is that good research leads to good results.

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