There’s no denying that content marketing is a never-ending grind. Coming up with new, and engaging, content is enough to tax even the most enthusiastic and creative web publisher.

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to breath new life into your content marketing strategy that are affordable and relatively easy to implement.

These methods, collectively known as revival marketing, were the subject of a recent piece on Search Engine Journal by Jason Hawkins titled, 9 Steps to Bring Content Back to Life. Here are a few of Hawkins’ tips for reviving your content marketing plan that are particularly relevant to casino affiliates.

Ask Yourself Some Tough Questions

Are you and readers drifting apart?

Is your content as relevant today as it was when you first started publishing?

These aren’t the kinds of questions most publishers and affiliates like to think about, but they’re incredibly relevant. The fact is, you might not need to shift your focus much at all to reach new readers. Even better, you can frequently re-purpose older content into new formats such as video to double down on content lifespan.

Find That Niche
Are you targeting a specific niche market in the gambling world? If not, you and your content are missing out on some major opportunities.

The gambling world is full of niche markets that aren’t huge, but are less competitive than poker or sports betting and feature incredibly passionate player bases. Once you’ve identified these markets (professional surf wagering, gin rummy, etc…) go back through your archives and find older content that be re-purposed to speak to your new players.


No one will deny that content marketing is a tough game. That said, the game gets a whole lot easier when you’re mining your archives for old content that benefit from a dose of revival marketing.


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