A long awaited real-time Google Penguin update is just about ready for launch. That announcement came directly from Google bigwig Gary Illyes at the SMX East Conference in New York City yesterday.

Though Illyes was short on specifics, in the typical Google manner, he did say he expects the algorithm update to be fully launched by the end of the year.

This particular Google Penguin update is one that SEOs are actually glad to see rolling out as it promises to speed recovery time for sites that have been penalized for poor linking practices.

That’s because the latest Penguin is designed to update in real-time so that sites that correct bad link structures can get out of the dog house in a reasonable amount of time.

For anyone who has labored over link removal only to find themselves waiting four to six months for the next Penguin update to recognize their corrections.

While on the stage at SMX East, Illyes let spill a couple other interesting nuggets from Google including the fact that the Google Panda 4.2 update that was rolled out back in June, is still rolling out. Illyes went on to say the roll out could continue for another few months, still.

This speaks to Google’s ongoing push to make updates a continuous occurrence, rather than a quarterly or biennial event. Google representatives have also been pushing to eliminate named updates entirely; a goal which real-time updates would accomplish quite nicely.

In short, it looks like Google’s vision of a self-correcting search algorithm that’s in a constant state of improvement is very close to becoming a reality.

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