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Despite the fact that online gambling is illegal in Germany, casino affiliates are doing exceptionally well on this market. However, there are some important German SEO tips for casino affiliates to pay attention to. The German mindset is far from the American or even British, so it is not necessarily the language that must be mastered to make it on this market. Here are some important German SEO tips for casino affiliates looking to advance on the German online gambling market.

Online Gaming in Germany

The first thing to understand is that Germans tend to a bit suspicious. They are not as fast as US players to join a casino online and start the gaming with real money. This means that once you have a German casino affiliate site up and running you might see a lot of visits and clicks without any conversion. The reason for this is simply that the Germans find an interest in the online gambling market but they need a lot of assurance before they will make a deposit. Consider this and make sure that the potential German players coming through your site will get the information that they are looking for. An insider advice here is to bring out information about payment methods that are alternatives to credit cards. Many Germans don’t have credit cards and therefore they need other safe alternatives to make any deposits in online casinos.

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German Casino Content

You don’t have to master the German language yourself in order to produce the type of content that you will need for a successful casino affiliate site in German. There are many skilled casino content writers that can help you out, and you can check their references or simply have a German speaker have a look at a sample. Just make sure that you ask someone who has experience of the online gambling language and not someone that will look at the content as if it was Shakespeare. Since you want to bring out a feeling of trust and provide useful information while you are maximizing your German SEO efforts, the German casino content must have the right tone and style rather than be fit for a university paper.

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German Hosting

An important German SEO tips is to make use of German hosting. This can be easier said than done, especially if you don’t understand German. There are options where you can manage pretty well with English. The support might very well be able to serve you in English even if their web page is all in German. You can also go through a reseller that will provide you with the German server solution in a comfortable way. Check reviews of German web hosting options online, and don’t forget to learn how you can pay. If the only way to pay is through German banking it might become a tricky project, but this is something that a reseller offering solutions like PayPal could help you out with.

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