Last week the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) suspended Genesis Global’s UK-facing gaming license in a move that was long on legalese and short on details.

This week, we’ve learned more about the nature of Genesis Global’s alleged infractions, along with the company’s response. In short, company officials told the UKGC the they’ll be both cooperating with the investigation, as well as vigorously defending against the allegations contained therein.

As to the nature of Genesis Global’s alleged infractions, they appear to focus on the company’s supposed character and, more specifically, whether or not it is “unsuitable to carry out licensed activities.” That’s the infraction that’s covered by Section 116 of the 2005 Gambling Act that was used as the basis for the suspension.

Company officials responded to the charges, in part, by pointing out that the suspension, “is not only disproportionate but also inconsistent.” And by that they mean that other licensees, as well as Genesis Global itself, have been accused of similar infractions (though what exactly those infractions may be, we just don’t know) and have been allowed to operate while the investigation was underway.

Shoring up the company’s claims are the facts that they have already submitted an action plan to the UKGC for dealing with the problem. This suggests that they may have run into the issue before. This doesn’t mean that they’re operating in a rogue manner, but more likely points to the fact that their licenses cover a huge range of sites with a global span.

All told, Genesis Global doesn’t seem cowed by the UKGC and is promising to be back to business as usual in a short time.


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