April 28, 2010 (CAP PR Wire) – The Gambling Wages Affiliate Program, after enduring a period of negative publicity related to manager credits and adjustments that affected player statistics, has taken effective measures to rectify those issues by implementing new software to better ensure accurate affiliate statistic tracking; changing its affiliate management team to enable greater responsiveness to affiliate issues; and actively working to resolve all existing affiliate commission disputes.

And to entice CAP affiliates to give them another chance, Gambling Wages is offering a special “50 percent gross wins” deal.  

To lead this initiative, the company has enlisted Marty Davis, former Chief Marketing Officer from Nine.com, to its team. Marty is a well-known figure in the affiliate industry from his days with the 9am affiliate program, one of the most innovative, popular, and reputable online gaming affiliate programs of the 2000s. Gambling Wages decided to invest in a proven affiliate manager in order to provide greater responsiveness and attentiveness to all affiliate issues and communications.

“For me it’s simple: Make sure your affiliates are well taken care of, and they will in turn take good care of you,” commented Marty Davis.

As the centerpiece of Gambling Wages’ new affiliate program structure, the company has also launched the new affiliate software Gwages.com, announced Vipin Goyal, Gambling Wages’ Affiliate Director. Gwages.com is a carefully designed tracking system that will help ensure that past discrepancies related to statistical errors do not recur.

“Manager Credits” have also been implemented to empower affiliates to offer players a better gaming experience. No deposit (free chip) bonuses, manager credits, and high initial deposit sign-up bonuses are on offer to provide the most entertainment value to new players while also helping to entice inactive players to return. Initially the “Free Money” bonuses will affect affiliate commissions until all of the bonus money has been wagered (Net Win – Bonus), and then affiliates will start earning commissions.

To complement this formula and help convince affiliates of its positive intentions, Gambling Wages has introduced a generous 50 percent affiliate commission calculated with the following simple Gross Win Calculation: (Total Deposits – Withdrawals – Chargebacks) x 50%

So, what does this mean to the affiliates? It means that, regardless of the promotional material affiliates use to acquire new players — including free chip offers, high signup bonus offers, or any other promotional offers — these player bonuses will not affect the player stats, thus earning the affiliate 50 percent of the player’s gross win for the first 90 days.

Even if a player still has a balance in his or her account, the affiliate will get paid on the deposit, company officials vow. The calculation is the easiest of any affiliate program online, company officials stated; the result is that Gambling Wages is giving affiliates the chance to earn more, no matter how they acquire their players.

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