The Worst Gambling Affiliate Programs: You weighed in and told us who you thought were the worst rogue programs out there!

12 Predictions for 2012 Now that 2012 is here, let’s see if our 12 predictions for the year come true.,, Domain names seized by FBI!? Many of you heard it hear first. When the DOJ seized the top poker groups in the US, the forums

Direct Download Vs. Link: Whats everyones thoughts on having links to certain casino / poker rooms versus direct software downloads on their affiliate sites? Im finding the direct download links get clicks but dont get alot of downloads anyway

Are You Making Money Through Adwords? Is Adwords great for business, or not so much? Adwords got mixed reviews, according to our community.

What Did You Do Before Becoming a Gambling Webmaster? This interesting look into prior career choices gave some great insight into the affiliate world.

Using Excessive Rel=”Nofollow”  Can using excessive rel=”nofollow” on your links hurt your website by not passing on that “link weight”?

Do You Play The Products You Promote? I know a few people are players as well as affiliates. I used to play and affiliate – but I just affiliate now. I will go in and check out the software and get the whole experience on how easy and difficult might be.

What Anti-Virus Software Protection Do You Use? In this poll, out community weighed in on the best anti-virus software.

The Best Forex Affiliate Program Okay, so this is an old thread started back in 2007 but it really started to heat up, as the interest in forex grows.

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