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Chapter 6: Understanding Terms and Conditions

Have you ever blindly signed off on a website’s Terms & Conditions without ever really reading them? You’re certainly not alone if you do.  But if there’s ever a time for reading and understanding the fine print, it’s when you’re entering into an affiliate partnership. Once you’ve committed to the T&C, you’re bound to that contract for better or worse.

Here are a few tips to avoid getting burned on affiliate T&C’s

  • Make certain you understand every term on the contract. There are plenty of free legal dictionaries online so there’s no excuse for not understanding everything.
  • Watch out for terms that can be changed retroactively. This means the casino can go back and change the terms of your deal. If you think they won’t, guess again.
  • Research the company on industry forums. Affiliate advocacy sites like CAP are full of postings warning about predatory T&C’s.

Want to learn more about T&C’s? Check out Terms and Conditions for iGaming Affiliates.

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