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Crappy Content Writers

Finding good freelance writers for your sites is incredibly tough and guys like the one Ixian ran into don’t make it any easier. His solicitation for new business reads as follows:

Good Day to you!

I am Xxxx Xxxx, a marketing consultant, freelance writer in behalf of xxxwww.xxxxxx-xxxxxx.co.uk. I wanted to get involved and share also my writing skills through guest posting. Here are some possible titles of my post to write.

Tips for Winning at Slots
Why Online Slots Are The Best Game To Play How To Profit From Spin & Win Slots Important Tips For Playing Online Slots Why You Should Play Fun Online Slots

Hope we can have a great collaboration! Looking forward for a favorable response to you!

Xxxx Xxxx

Suffice to say, he didn’t get the job. (Though Important Tips for Playing Online Slots sounds like something with real potential.)

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