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RE: End of the World & C-Planet

Unless you’re just emerging from a survival bunker you probably already know that the world didn’t end on 12-20-12. Back in December a CAP reader called Graniteman took the apocalypse and played it for some laughs with one-liners like:

I drove down the road today and was disappointed not to see anyone out with signs announcing the worlds impending doom! I feel cheated! I mean not even a “Honk if you think the world is ending” sign – one word – LAZY!!!!


Rogues Affiliate Programs – don’t worry, your still going to hell!… – what you think you were saved?…ahhh, NO!

That brings us to posting from Diceman on the demise of C-Planet. He wasn’t hole up in a bunker, but he sure felt like he missed something. Maybe it’s not all that funny, but the Rip Van Winkle vibe of his posting definitely drew some laughs.

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