Full Flush Poker has been offline since Friday and company officials say that an attack by hackers is responsible for the shutdown. The company’s players, however, aren’t necessarily buying the company’s story.

Full Flush’s troubles began sometime on Friday when, according to SafestPokerSites.com, the site, “completely flat-lined.” Since that time, players have not been able to access either games or their personal funds.

Company officials took to social media on Monday saying that they were, “…in the process of updating our gaming solutions to offer a new, more exciting platform,” and that they would be providing, “…updates on this change each day.”

That same statement went on to assure Full Flush Poker players that their funds were perfectly safe. Their statement did not, however, provide much comfort for players who follow the hyper-vigilant online poker media.

Some sites, including SafestPokerSites, have been reporting that all is not as it seems at Full Flush. The biggest red flag, in their eyes, is the fact that the Full Flush Poker domain name has been put up for sale.

Full Flush Poker players with questions about the status of their funds are finding answers incredibly hard to come by. Questions sent to the company’s social media properties have gone unanswered and there are reports that the company’s customer service center has gone dark, too.

The Full Flush blackout isn’t just worrying for players, it’s left plenty of casino affiliates wondering if the Curacao-registered operation will be paying them out.

If Full Flush Poker is really down for the count, players and affiliates may find themselves with little legal recourse as Curacao laws make reclaiming damages from gaming operators incredibly difficult.

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