HTML Editor


If you don’t already have a HTML Editor, an excellent choice is CoffeeCup FREE HTML Editor, bang for bucks(No Bucks!) this editor will do it all, and then some! If you are able to buy a HTML Editor, and as pricey it is, an excellent choice is Adobe Dreamweaver.




We’ll need a pretty decent FTP (File Transfer Protocol) program to upload our files from our computer, to the webhost. An excellent and free choice is SmartFTP


Google Toolbar


Google Toolbar is a handy tool, especially when it comes to seeing the Page Rank (PR) of websites. At some point, you will want to trade links with people – the more that link to you, the better. The better (higher) PR a website has, that links to you, and the better it is for your website. Google will respect the fact that websites with good PR are linking to you, and will improve your rankings in the search listings.

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