The Forex market is one of the more profitable ones for affiliates around the world. Essentially, it’s part of the “make money” market, which in itself is a member of the great 3 of affiliate markets online: money, relationships, and health.

No matter what happens people will always search for ways to make money, have great relationships, and live healthy. But now let’s talk about some affiliate money, hence this list of top Forex affiliate programs – this time we’re looking into German market.


eToro is said to be the world’s largest investment network. Currently it works with over 1.75 million users worldwide (more than 140 countries). They provide online investment platforms and give access to their trading community.

Their affiliate program offers 25% commissions on the revenues generated from referred users. You also get a commission for each new depositing trader you refer. For example, if the trader you’ve referred makes a first deposit of $150 then your commission will also be $150.


OptionsClick is a platform that offers trading on a range of financial instruments with Forex being just one of them. The platform can be used by both inexperienced users and professionals.

The affiliate program offers commissions in the range of 20%-35% depending on the total revenue you generate. Also, you get commissions depending on the number of customers you refer (from $150 to over $300 a customer).


anyoption provides an online binary option trading platform for private and professional (institutional) use. Everything is 100% web based, and doesn’t require any software download or initial setting up to do. A new user can start trading immediately.

Similarly to other programs on this list, anyoption offers commissions in two basic models. You get 20%-35% commission on the revenue you generate, and you also get $100-$250 commission on every customer you refer.

Forex Affiliate

The company partners with easy-forex. They provide various tools and applications that make trading possible from every computer a user can get their hands on. Including mobile devices, desktop applications, and web based interfaces.

Forex Affiliate offers commissions on a revenue share basis (25% of whatever revenue is generated from each trader you refer), and also as cost per acquisition model.

Apart from these 4 great companies you can also check ReferPartners and 500Affiliates. They both provide great programs and marketing tools to help their affiliates run profitable campaigns.

Also, don’t forget to visit our own rank of top Forex affiliate programs – rated and reviewed by thousands of affiliates around the world.


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