Brandon Steven is a Kansas business man and high stakes poker player who, seemingly, has it all.

He’s a well-known on professional and private high stakes poker circuits where he regularly plays for massive amounts of cash. He’s also known as a sharp business man who owns stakes in several car dealerships, health clubs and investment groups.

All that success, however, wasn’t enough to keep the middle American success story from becoming the subject of a Federal investigation.

Earlier this month, Steven was informed by the US Attorney’s Office that he, and a number of his associates, were the subjects of an investigation. On the matter of what exactly the investigation is looking into, the Feds were less forthcoming. Though they did hint that it had something to do with conversations that took place during the spring and summer of 2015.

Steven, however, has a couple theories that he shared with the Wichita Eagle saying:

And from what we understand, they are looking into my poker and my involvement with Castle Rock Casino. I’ve retained counsel, and we’re going to fully cooperate with this matter.

Steven and a group of investors tried unsuccessfully to launch the casino in southeastern Kansas several years ago.

It’s worth noting that just because Stevens is being investigated, he is not accused of any wrongdoing, nor does it mean that the Feds necessarily suspect him of wrongdoing. This type of investigation, which involves wire taps, frequently snares up people who merely had an innocuous phone call to a number that is the center of the investigation.

For now, Steven must wait and see where the investigation leads.

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