Casino affiliates who only managed gaming sites learned a hard lesson about portfolio diversification on Black Friday. When all the poker sites went dark, so did their revenue streams. That’s why more and more web masters are looking to diversify their affiliate portfolios to add other industries. And one of the best fits for anyone in the gaming business is Forex affiliate marketing.

Forex Basics

Forex trading is a multi-trillion dollar currency exchange that operates 24-hours a day, seven days a week. And while it may seem complicated to outsiders, once you’ve got a handle on the basics, it’s actually pretty simple to understand.

The Forex exchange involves the transfer and sale of various foreign currencies, usually in pairs. Traders buy a certain amount of Euros, for example, and sell them when the value rises relative to the other currency in the pair, like dollars. These pairs are not limited to your home currency and traders frequently pair up disparate currencies to maximize profit.

All of the trading is done through a broker or an automated trading program like Forex Megadroid Robot. Brokers usually charge by the trade, though there is a wide variety of brokers and trading programs.

Succeeding in Forex Trading

One of the more appealing aspects of Forex trading to beginners or people looking for a side business is that is can be done with very little in the way of startup costs. Anyone with computer and an Internet connection could start trading right now with as little twenty five dollars. So what’s the catch?

Given the current global economic situation, Forex markets can be very volatile. This means traders need to do their homework and keep close track of world events and key economic indicators. Volatility isn’t necessarily a detriment to experienced traders, in fact, that’s just the type of value they’re usually looking out for. But beginners can easily lose their shirts as they learn the ropes. Successful Forex traders are not get-rich-quick types, though they can make large sums in very short amounts of time.

Similar to Gambling

Many affiliate marketers might be reading this article thinking, “Volatility, value? That sounds a lot like gambling.” Forex trading, like all investment vehicles, share a lot in common with gambling and that’s great news for affiliate web masters.

In fact, anyone who is currently running a sports betting based affiliate program is especially well suited for starting up Forex affiliate program. If you can drive traffic to a website and funnel it off to an online poker site, you should have no problem sending traders to buy automated trading programs like FapTurbo.

Forex for Affiliates

The Forex affiliate marketing world is still in its infancy but, like the Forex exchange itself, it’s growing by leaps and bounds. So while Forex trading itself is a fairly mature market, the associated affiliate programs are a relatively new phenomenon. That means there’s still plenty of room for new affiliate partners to jump on boards.

Still, trading programs like Forex Growth Bot provide affiliate partners with a host of tools they’ll need to find success such as banner ads and some live currency feeds that help them convert visitors into traders. And site like CAP provide plenty of basic information for anyone looking to comparison shop Forex affiliate programs.

Multiple Revenue Streams

If you’re like most people, you’ve probably never heard someone say, “I’m getting money from too many different places.” That’s because you can never be too sure when the next Black Friday is coming down the line to take a bite out of your revenue stream.

After all, the Department of Justice that was so gung ho to shut down the online has now turned around and decided that online gaming isn’t so bad after all. Talk about volatility. That’s why having a diverse affiliate portfolio that includes Forex partners is such a good idea.

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