Owen Kerr

Hello, Owen! Can you please tell us more about yourself? What brought you to the forex industry? What drives you? Etc.

I am the CEO and one of the Founders of Pepperstone. FX Trading used to be very inaccessible for the average trader who wanted to profit from the rise and fall of currencies. I saw an opportunity to make FX trading easy and accessible for the average trader. Without large sums of money (as little as 200USD) and using a state-of the art trading platform the average trader can now access the FX market that was previously hidden to them by Banks and Hedge Funds.

Pepperstone was the first FX brokers to introduce low cost FX trading with ultra-low commissions and fast execution. We created proprietary technology to link 22 Bank’s together via an Optical Fibre network – That gives the best Bid/Offer quote to our clients and ensures that they always get the best possible pricing in the market. My passion and mission is to promote and help traders access what I believe to be the best trading market in the world. The 24/6 market called the Forex Market.

Thanks! Now that we know more about you, can you tell us about Pepperstone?

Pepperstone is Australia’s Largest FX Broker and ranked the 11th Globally. We offer clients the ability to trade 62 Currencies, Gold and Silver using 7 Online Trading Platforms – Desktop, iPhone, Android, Blackberry and WebTrader. Our technology is famous in the Industry for being fast, robust and equipping traders with what they need to need to trade successfully in the market. We are based in Australia, regulated by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission and have offices in Dallas, USA and Shanghai China.

Does Pepperstone have an affiliate program? If so, what are the main benefits for affiliates? On which markets should they focus on, when promoting your brand?

Yes we do – Pepperstone has an established partnership program called Pepperstone Partners (https://pepperstone.com/company-profile/introducing-brokers.php). We offer a variety of deals including CPA, CPL and Revenue Share Partnerships depending on which method the affiliate prefers. We have sophisticated tracking and analytics software so affiliates can be well informed with their campaigns and a wide range of marketing collateral. We also have a program for affiliates with an existing user base to start their own brokerage or develop their own brand using our technology and infrastructure.

FX is very popular in places like Japan, Korea, China and the rest of Asia so having access to that traffic is a good way to boost conversions. But really FX has universal appeal so any traffic source in the world has success with FX.

Which suggestions would you give to Forex affiliates?

Forex is a very rewarding space to work in for Affiliates – The high-uptake rate is great for conversions and because it is such a new product it is experiencing huge growth worldwide. You will find that a number of sites in the Alexa top 1000 are FX forums and portals so the demand for Forex products is huge. Multi-Lingual offerings work great for Forex and it is an international product – We have clients in over 170 countries world wide.

Traders are often hungry for content too – So content marketing such as news and analysis, education give-aways work great.

What’s the future of affiliate marketing, especially for Forex?

Affiliate Marketing is booming, especially in Forex. As Publishers and Advertisers demand more with traditional CTR’s declining and CPM advertising revenue slipping – Affiliate marketing in the Forex Industry can provide vital ongoing revenue streams for all publishers. Forex as a whole is growing fast worldwide and affiliate marketing is playing a large role in that growth.

How is Pepperstone positioned to leverage these future trends?

Pepperstone is a state of the art company, being one of the dominant providers we have a strong brand and robust infrastructure.  Clients tend to be longer lasting with us and have higher levels of satisfaction with our product. We make the conversion process very easy and have streamlined scalable operations. As the FX market grows we grow also Р we are the ideal partner for high-calibre affiliate marketers.

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