England has 100 freshly minted millionaires after last Friday night’s EuroMillions National Lottery drawing. EuroMillions also set the record for the highest number of millionaires created in a single setting.

While 100 winners were drawn, so far only 79 have stepped forward to collect their prize money. Lottery officials are hoping that all the winners actually come forth, otherwise, they won’t have the record.

England’s big payout was designed as a giant thank you to National Lottery players whose ticket purchases helped fund the massively expensive games. Their efforts help throw an extra £2.2billion into the Olympic effort.

UK financial news site  ThisisMoney.co.uk quoted an unnamed lottery official who had this to say about lottery players’ help in funding the games.

National Lottery players are playing a key role in the London 2012 Games, helping fund both the infrastructure and venues, and provide life-changing support to athletes.

Promotions for the big draw were quite elaborate and have been unfolding since last May, when the event was announced. 100 lottery officials participated in the Olympic torch run to represent the 100 winners.

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UK Lottery Fever

The Brits have always been fond of their lotteries, but this summer is proving to be a high water mark in lottery fever.

Yesterday’s EuroMillions prize was a whopping £119 million jackpot.  Should a single ticket win the draw, it would be the second largest lottery win UK history.

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