June 11, 2009 — A CasinoClub player walked away with €393,043.31 when he won the Fortunes of Egypt Jackpot. This has been the talk of the online casino world, even more so because the player won the jackpot with a wager of just €2.50.

“There was a lot of excitement when we heard the news that the jackpot had been won,” CasinoClub’s Marc West said. “The jackpot has been building up for a while and so it came as somewhat of a surprise when it was won. But then again, it can be won at any moment – and was.”

The winning player has been identified as sunshine-muc. At this stage not that much is known about him, except that he has been a CasinoClub player since 2003.

“It’s a good story and we’re glad that a loyal player like him won it,” West added.

CasinoClub is in the midst of jackpot fever with a string of jackpots all nearing record amounts. “Aladdin’s Lamp is one of our most loved Jackpot games. After approaching the 2,000,000 Euro mark for a while, the jackpot has already climbed to an extra 30,000 over and above this milestone mark. The jackpot is going to continue to grow until someone wins it,” West said.

Besides that the Super Sevens progressive jackpot has just trickled past 550,000 Euro while Bay Patrol is edging its way to 200,000 Euro.

“As people can now see, these jackpots are real and do get won. Because of CasinoClub, there is a player whose life has been forever changed. We really do make a difference to people’s lives and make dreams come true. This just isn’t rhetoric or marketing spin, it is an accurate reflection of what actually happens."

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