Word of mouth traffic can be immeasurably valuable. It’s the reason every single successful iGaming firm entices their customers with refer a friend promotions. Affiliates can create conversions by implementing a similar feature on their site.

The benefit to creating a refer a friend campaign is two-fold. First, it rather obviously can drive more visitors to your site and lead to more conversions. But there’s a secondary benefit to refer a friend campaigns that can go overlooked. That is the player retention value added by enticing your users with a mutually beneficial offer.

Implementing a Refer-a-Friend Campaign

Refer-a-friend campaigns are one of those easy little lay-ups in life where there is a ton of value upside at almost no risk. The key to your refer a friend campaign is to keep it simple both for your own benefit as well as that of your players.

There are a few simple methods for setting up a refer a friend campaign:

1. Email based tracking. This method requires the least amount of set-up. Create a landing page to entice your readers with an offer along the lines of “Refer a friend and get $50 in your account!” The verification process for this is easy enough. When a depositing player converts through your affiliate account, instruct the referrer to email you the new player’s account info. Verify the conversion through the affiliate back-end and credit the referring player with their bonus. Many iGaming sites will work with you directly to credit the player if necessary.

2. Newsletter style. Utilize your email marketing campaign to create conversions. Give your readers incentive to provide you with email addresses of their friends to whom you can send a welcome greeting asking them to opt-in to your newsletter. Create a separate list to track the performance of each referrer’s friends. Credit the referrer their bonus each time a friend converts through an offer in your newsletter.

3. Use dedicated referral software. InviteBox is a great WordPress plugin for launching a referral program. The software can be customized to give players instant or goal-based rewards for referring visitors that go on to become customers. InviteBox also allows for the creation of refer-a-friend contests to hold with your readers.

Join iGaming sites, major retailers, and credit card companies by capitalizing on a refer a friend marketing campaign to help get your conversions to that next plateau.

Have you tried a refer-a-friend campaign? What did you learn? Share with us in our forums.

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