Is performance a factor you’re considering as part of your next major website overhaul? If it isn’t, you might want to revisit the issue.

According to a recent infographic from titled, The Website Experience Consumers Value Most, a full 52% of consumers say performance is the factor that matter most when visiting a website.

The infographic was based on a survey of 1,115 consumers who were asked to rank various factors that make a, “great web experience.”

Performance (which was defined as, “streaming with no buffering, pages that load quickly, etc…) was the winning factor by a large margin. “Fresh and updated content,” came in second with 39% of respondents describing it as the most important factor.

The third place factor consumers value most was, “…a consistent experience on mobile and desktop,” with 20% of the votes.

In what is likely a surprise to marketing departments across the world, personalized content was the least valued factor from Marketingprofs survey. Only 12% of respondents ranked it as most important and 40% said they don’t want sites remembering them at all.

None of these results should come as much of a surprise to anyone who’s been paying attention to recent (and not-so-recent) trends in web marketing.

On an internet that’s increasingly accessed by mobile devices, those top two factors (performance and mobile access) are pretty clearly intertwined.

The survey also found that 59% of people aren’t willing to wait more than five seconds for a web page to load before moving on to another site. That stat alone should sell anyone on the idea of making performance a key component of any site overhaul.

If you’re optimized for mobile, but not performance, you’ll get a slight break from the 44% of the public who is willing to wait a bit longer for a mobile site to load. As smart phone and tablet technology become the standard, end-users aren’t likely to be as forgiving towards slow-loading mobile sites.

What it Means for Casino Affiliates

The takeaway for casino affiliates from Marketingprofs survey is that website redesigns need to go a lot deeper than just aesthetic changes.

Fortunately, modern looking websites tend to make good use of white space because its both visually appealing and that lack of excess graphics makes the load times a lot faster on desktops and mobile devices.

Affiliate partners should also make certain that they’ve optimized for mobile viewing, even if it’s just a simple WordPress plugin.

With 50% of end-users accessing the web from mobile devices, performance and mobile optimization are more important than ever.

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