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Create a clear call to action in promotional emails because this is where a lot of money can be made. Readers will be more amenable to promotional emails when they are sent somewhat infrequently and in between non-promotional messages.

When you’ve got their attention, go for the kill. Include limited time offers and incentives that call for immediate action. A great sales pitch that will have them wanting to sign up before they even finish reading the email. Stick with action-oriented phrases. The reader should feel like they’re being let in on a secret and that you could barely contain your excitement while writing about it. Keep all information not related to the promotion out of the email. No distractions.


Everyone likes a reward. An effective part of any email marketing campaign are rewards emails where you get a chance to give some value back to your readers. By occasionally organizing promotions or creating premium content exclusively for newsletter subscribers, you can cut down on unsubscribes and increase open rates. Be sure to use an enticing subject line that lets readers know these emails are a special gift to them.


Enabling your readers to opt-in to appealing email alerts can help with increasing conversions. Alerts can be dispatched through a separate list than your main email marketing campaign. It’s important not to bombard all subscribers with alerts they are not interested in as this can harm performance.

Poker site operators might consider an email alert system for news pertaining to the World Series of Poker. Readers of casino sites might appreciate email alerts for when certain slot jackpots reach a certain threshold. Consider your readers and what type of value you can provide them through customized email alerts.

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