Congratulations! You’ve just dreamed up, and actually developed, an amazing mobile app that’s a potential gold mine.

But don’t sit back and start counting your cash just yet, the hard work of developing and executing a marketing plan that actually delivers customers is about to begin. It won’t be easy but, if done correctly, proper execution of a good mobile marketing plan can seriously boost the ROI for your app.

In a recent posting on titled, How to execute your app marketing plan effectively, writer Brian Honigman examined app marketing in some detail. Here are a few of his top tips.

Be Prepared to Spend a Little Cash

While there are plenty of free marketing channels for apps, such as social media, in all likelihood you’re probably going to have to pursue a few paid channels, too.

No matter how big, or small, your marketing budget is you’re definitely going to need a budget that’s based on solid market research. A marketing budget doesn’t have to be anything more than a number you realistically expect to spend, but it has to be something.

Create a Content Plan

Content, whether it’s social media postings, blog postings, guest blog or advertorials, is a key component to successful mobile app marketing.

For that reason, Honigman recommends crafting a content calendar well ahead of your app’s actual launch date. This plan should include plans for potential titles, target audiences, graphics and even frequency of social media postings.

Analyze, Evaluate, Adapt

No matter what your mobile app marketing plan involves, you’ll definitely want to use any tools you can to actually evaluate its overall effectiveness.

Whether you’re sticking to the basics and using Google Analytics or going deep with something more complex, you need something to tell you what’s working and what’s flopping.

This rule applies to both your marketing plan, and the mobile app itself. So alongside your regular slate of figures like page views, you’ll also want to dig into details about where your app conversions are coming from and how long players are spending on it.


Not matter how great your plan looks on paper, you’ll almost certainly need to tweak it a bit as you go. Be ready to take the data you’ve collected and use it craft new marketing strategies on-the-fly.






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