It's not all sunshine for the Dutch iGaming market!

As we reported here two weeks ago, the Dutch iGaming market continues to receive warnings from the Dutch watchdog, Gaming Authority (KSA), regarding Dutch players and Dutch offers or advertisements.

According to the site, if operators do not stop running Dutch traffic within the next two months, the KSA will hand out fines up to € 780,000 or up to 10% of sales. The authority also wants payments to these sites with the help of the banking block.

The KSA sent a letter to forty operators to comply with these conditions. The parties that follow the rules and do not enter the Dutch market, will be “more likely” to obtain a license if the market for Internet gambling is legalized in the Netherlands. The new gaming authority will be watching big-time operators such as Dutch Oranje Casino and Crown Casino. Large foreign companies such as Unibet, PokerStars and Everest Poker.

According to the site, Emerce, if the government agrees to a policy for online gambling, then it could be bad news for affiliates. Dutch affiliates currently benefit from foreign gambling companies that are not directly allowed to advertise in the Netherlands. Should the gambling market become regulated, that means the operators’ marketing dollars will be spent in places other than affiliate marketing.

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