We’ve received word that all casinos with clients in the Netherlands received letters two days ago from the Dutch Gaming Authority that they can no longer accept Dutch players. If they do not stop accepting players, it is believed that they will not be able to obtain a license when the market becomes regulated.

It’s uncertain what’s going to happen next; will IP’s be blacklisted and hosting be stopped? Will some of the top websites be seized?┬áSmaller affiliates may have to pay fines, but depending on how quickly the government will start to issues licenses, these smaller affiliates could be looking for work within the next three months. However, it is believed that the Dutch government is moving quickly and will issues licenses within the next few months.

We’ve just gotten word that affiliates have started receiving notifications from operators with a presence in the Netherlands. Euro Grand Casino issued a letter stating that in order to meet the requirements of the Dutch government and its upcoming plans to regulate the gambling market, they are forced to remove the Dutch version of their website from May 31. While all activities are legal, operators are complying with the authorities so that they’ll be able to get licenses.

We received this information from an inside source, but ti has not yet been confirmed. More updates to come.

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