Twenty-seven months ago, a new social network site called Pinterest launched and quickly soared to a top 50 Alexa rank by allowing users to share photos on a pinboard-style web platform. However, Pinterest quickly developed a major demographic imbalance: a large majority of its users are women. A new site called Dudepins aims to capitalize on the same concept catered to the male demographic.

Dudepins, which launched last month, uses the slogan “Man up. Sign up. Pin up.” Users are encouraged to post male-oriented content to the site being described as “the man-cave version of Pinterest.”

The site currently features an array of male culture imagery including fast cars, electronics, and homages to mustaches. Curiously absent are pictures of hot women.

For now, interested users must request an invitation as the site is currently in beta-testing mode. Many of the images that appear on the site were posted by the same small handful of individuals which would suggest the site is yet to reach a critical mass of users.

But if Dudepins were to reach a level of popularity that rivals Pinterest, how might affiliates cash in?

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Pinboard Marketing

Pinterest has proven highly useful for affiliates with some brands reporting inbound visitors from the site spending more than double the average of inbound visitors from Facebook. Many brands have reported their company’s pinboard drawing more interest than the company website.

Dudepins gives affiliates another method through which to capitalize on social media. While the success of the site remains to be seen, it holds the potential to be a huge marketing tool for affiliates.

Affiliates at Pinterest have excelled by flying under the radar of the busy start-up by posting just 10-20 items a day, too few to trigger any alarms for abuse. With millions of unique visitors per day, it doesn’t take a very high click through rate to be rolling in affiliate profit at a highly-trafficked pinboard site like Pinterest.

With Dudepins, iGaming affiliates should be ready to pounce on a developing market of male visitors with male interests. As U.S. iGaming legislation draws nearer, the timing of Dudepins’ launch couldn’t be better for affiliates.

Familiarize yourself with Dudepins. When there is massive traffic flow to the site and legal iGaming in the U.S., it could be an affiliate gold mine.

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