DraftKings is entering a first-of-its-kind deal with DISH Network that would make sports betting from your TV a reality in America. It’s an intriguing deal that shows exactly how create DraftKings is getting with its marketing but isn’t this the kind thing that lead Australia and the UK to crack down on operators?

On its face, the deal between DISH Network is pretty straight-forward. For its part, DISH Network will allow the DraftKings app to be accessible to its customers via its Hopper feature. Those customers will be able to place wagers, view odds, and get other sports betting information directly from their smart TVs.

In a statement from DraftKings, company co-founder and president of product and technology, Paul Liberman, explained the deal saying, “Our deal with DISH TV and the technology behind it immerses customers within a next-generation viewership experience and reaches these fanbases in a completely new way. This is a unique opportunity for fans to watch games and engage with our real-money products while the technology also allows for further innovation ahead.”

While the creativity of the deal is an example of how DraftKings has been able to carve out a big chunk of the US sports betting market, it’s also a step that could attract attention from gambling regulators.

In Australia and the UK, intense integration between sports betting content and regular sportscasts was responsible for major regulatory moves that have limited operators’ ability to advertise on public airwaves. Though there’s nothing inherently wrong with the DraftKings/DISH Network deal, operators may find that if they go to this pool too often, they may wind up losing their ability to advertise on American airwaves entirely. And if you think that can’t happen here, ask yourself why you’ve never seen a television ad for cigarettes.


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