DraftKings is cutting its ties to the World Series of Poker (WSOP) as part of the continuing fallout from the recent insider trading scandal.

The move is a big blow for both DraftKings and the WSOP and is another indication of how serious the scandal’s aftermath has become.

DraftKings has been a major presence at the WSOP this year and with good reason. Online poker players have emerged as a major force in the daily fantasy sports world and company was eager to win their favor during the WSOP.

So far, their plan of gaining massive exposure during the WSOP was working extremely well. Viewers of the popular event couldn’t help but notice DraftKings’ logo plastered on every table and was offering WSOP buy-ins as a promotional tool that players were eating up.

Last week the Nevada Gaming Control Board barred DraftKings from operating in the state until it obtained a proper gaming license. That decision also put the kibosh on DraftKings’ WSOP sponsorship efforts.

In a statement to the New York Times, WSOP spokesman Seth Palansky said:

In light of last week’s news in Nevada, DraftKings asked us to cease any sponsorship activities around the remaining few W.S.O.P. events of the year, and we complied.

A spokesperson for DraftKings was significantly more blunt when describing the situation:

This is a result of daily fantasy sports no longer being authorized in Nevada.

So far, there’s no word on whether DraftKings will renew its WSOP sponsorship and/or whether it will apply for a Nevada gaming license.

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